Podcast: “Cold Chain Chronicles” A Must-Listen!

MHI Industry Leadership
For those intrigued by warehouse advancements, the latest MHI Warehouse Automation Podcast episode is a noteworthy listen. Titled “Cold Chain Chronicles: The Future of High Bay Warehousing & Automation,” the episode delves into the nuances of cold storage logistics, enriched by insights from experts Alex Reed of Stow Robotics US and Matt Rivenbark from SSI SCHAEFER.
This episode gently unpacks the emerging trends and technologies in the cold chain arena, offering listeners a clearer understanding of the field. Moreover, the discussion around high bay warehouses and the importance of tailored solutions adds a practical dimension.
If you’re looking for a calm, informative dive into warehousing updates, this episode is worth your time. Tune in at your leisure and enjoy the insightful exchange.

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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of automated storage/retrieval systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

Mission: Deliver member value by collectively and collaboratively growing and supporting the Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems market.

Vision: To be recognized as the independent authority on Automated Storage/Retrieval System solutions and technologies.

The Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems Industry Group is a member-driven organization. Members meet regularly to create value in areas they cannot achieve independently through:

  • Contribution to the development and promotion of standards and safety codes
  • Delivery of market intelligence through the collection of statistics and other activities.
  • Preparation and distribution of promotional and educational materials on key features, advantages and benefits of AS/RS for customers.
  • Developing safe-harbor relationships through networking and collaboration.

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