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The Unexpected (Soft) Benefits of Mobile Automation

There are a myriad of valid reasons why organizations consider mobile automation, like automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for their operations. Most of these benefits are fairly obvious and easy to use as justification for the ...

Podcast: MAG – How To Get Started with Mobile Automation

In this episode, MAG (Mobile Automation Group) Members Noe van Bergen, Director of Automated Solutions with Linde Material Handling a division of KION North America and Brian Markison, Senior Director of AGV Sales with Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas discuss the topic ...

Flexible Automation Control

Today’s retailers, parcel companies and manufacturers are often working in rapidly evolving environments. Processes and operations that work today may not tomorrow. Systems must include the ability to pivot to something new and do it on short notice. This includes ...

AGVs and AMRs in One Facility

In the midst of a historic labor shortage, more and more companies are turning to mobile vehicles to assist in operations. These can take on two main forms, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Each has its ...

Podcast: How Does an ASRS Solution Differ and Complement AMRs/AGVs?

In this episode, ASRS Industry Group Members Aaron Lambe from AutoStore and Rupesh Narkar from Swisslog Logistics discuss the topic: as mobile automation gains acceptance on the market some companies are trying to implement AGV’s and AMR’s into their facilities ...

How to Make Mobile Automation Affordable

In a world where the labor force is shrinking and automation is thus becoming increasingly important, operations that have never considered mobile automation are now taking a closer look. But even with faster return on investment than ever before, financing ...

Orchestrating Workflows within your Distribution Center

Supply chain logistics is going through a rapid transformation, driven by labor constraints, supply and demand uncertainty, a focus shift toward agility and responsiveness, and the introduction of associated automation technology solutions. Gone are the days where warehouses simply received, ...

Understanding the Differences Between AGVs and AMRs

The labor shortage isn’t new in the warehousing and manufacturing arena, but the pandemic has made it that much more challenging as facilities try to keep up with increased ecommerce order demands. This, in turn, has led to more interest ...

Robots are Becoming the Norm

Robots are Becoming the Norm

Where to Begin with Robotics

Robots are everywhere, or so it seems. In the year 2020 alone, close to 400,000 industrial robots entered the workplace, making appearances in manufacturing, distribution centers, military applications, and more. They are proving their value and delivering a quick return ...