Safety, Ease Of Use Features Characterize AS/RS Equipment

Offered in a broad range of types and styles to accommodate diverse handling needs, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) provide robotic, automated storage and retrieval of products with minimal human intervention. Regardless of their form factor, these advanced systems ...

Best Practices For Keeping Personnel Safe Around Conveyors, Sortation Systems

Keeping personnel safe and injury free is of critical importance to warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities everywhere. That’s often one of the many reasons why operations implement automated sortation and conveyor systems: to take over the movement of products and ...

5 Ways AGVs Enhance Safety In Plants, Warehouses

Computer-controlled and battery-powered, automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems navigate inside a manufacturing facility or warehouse or outside on paved surfaces to automate materials movement. More importantly, they do this safely, with only six AGV-related fatalities documented by the Occupational Health ...