Podcast: How Does an ASRS Solution Differ and Complement AMRs/AGVs?

MHI Industry Leadership

In this episode, ASRS Industry Group Members Aaron Lambe from AutoStore and Rupesh Narkar from Swisslog Logistics discuss the topic: as mobile automation gains acceptance on the market some companies are trying to implement AGV’s and AMR’s into their facilities instead of an ASRS. Is that always the right thing to do? Our guests will discuss some of the scenarios where an ASRS will be superior to mobile automation and where they can both be used to create maximum efficiency.


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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of automated storage/retrieval systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

Mission: Deliver member value by collectively and collaboratively growing and supporting the Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems market.

Vision: To be recognized as the independent authority on Automated Storage/Retrieval System solutions and technologies.

The Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems Industry Group is a member-driven organization. Members meet regularly to create value in areas they cannot achieve independently through:

  • Contribution to the development and promotion of standards and safety codes
  • Delivery of market intelligence through the collection of statistics and other activities.
  • Preparation and distribution of promotional and educational materials on key features, advantages and benefits of AS/RS for customers.
  • Developing safe-harbor relationships through networking and collaboration.

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