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Podcast: “Cold Chain Chronicles” A Must-Listen!

For those intrigued by warehouse advancements, the latest MHI Warehouse Automation Podcast episode is a noteworthy listen. Titled “Cold Chain Chronicles: The Future of High Bay Warehousing & Automation,” the episode delves into the nuances of cold storage logistics, enriched ...

ASRS in the Cold Chain

Work in cold-chain warehousing is not for everyone—it’s a tough environment to sell to potential employees. This is on top of a labor shortage that is hitting warehousing particularly high. Most employers admit that their number one challenge is finding ...

Automated Storage Systems And Cold Chain Distribution: The COVID Effect

When the coronavirus pandemic reached U.S. shores in January 2020 and a large percentage of the country found itself sheltering in place over the subsequent months, consumers rapidly shifted to online shopping. Among the industries most impacted, the food and ...