MHI Industry Leadership

In this episode, CSS Industry Group Members discuss the true goal of automation in Intralogistics or material handling? Automation appears to solve a number of problems or improve efficiencies. However, it can be unclear where an organization should begin automating to receive the greatest return on its investments. Automation must be informed and driven by the strategic objectives of the organization with respect to customer service, throughput, agility, efficiency, and visibility. Listen to the conversation with Jake Heldenberg, Senior Manager of North American Warehouse Sales Consulting with Vanderlande and Craig Henry, Industry Manager for Intralogistics with Siemens Industry to hear their perspectives.


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Conveyor and Sortation

To promote the market growth and effective use of conveyor and sortation systems in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and other key markets.

To be the recognized independent authority for end users and suppliers on market trends, technology developments, and applications through:

  • Education
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    • Issues affecting our marketplace through user outreach
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    • Development and distribution of educational materials
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    • Of manufacturers & technology providers
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    • Promotion of career opportunities within the CSS industry

Value Statement

To CSS Customers:
Recognized since 1971 as Leaders in the design, manufacturing, and supply of Conveyor and Sortation Systems Equipment, Components, and Technology.

Invested in the conveyor industry in unique ways over time, including giving back through college scholarships, and end user and manufacturer education.

Can provide end users with access to a wide range of perspectives and solutions, and as a collective of manufacturers, are genuinely invested in customer success.

To CSS Members:
Unique networking opportunities.

Provide opportunities for industry education, leadership, and increased market presence.

Lend your company the collective credibility of its industry leading members that has been established over its 50 years as an organization.

Provide exposure to end users.

Access to data on industry trends and other market intelligence data.