Podcast: SLAM Group talks Packaging

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In this episode, SLAM Industry Group Members Greg Berguig, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at PAC Machinery and Gina Barrieau, Banding Sales Manager with an ecommerce focus at Felins discuss “How to determine what package type to ship”. Listen to the episode and let us know what you think on our LinkedIn Page: MHI Warehouse Automation.

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SLAM members meet regularly to discuss the industry and promote the best and largest possible market for end-of-line technologies and systems; emphasizing the best interest of the user. SLAM pursues this mission through planned programs and internal committees by:

  • Working closely with user groups to educate and communicate needs, benefits and applications.
  • Acting as a catalyst and liaison between different related product groups or associations.
  • Maintaining a membership representative of the industry.
  • Defining and evaluating best practices for the marketplace.
  • Providing a market driven forum for end-of-line solutions.
  • Collecting, compiling, disseminating and exchanging information which may be helpful to the membership and users.
  • Preparing and distributing educational materials for both academic classroom environments and in continuing education.

Mission: To provide thought leadership for best practices on “the last 100 feet” of every warehouse in the world.

Vision: To be 100 feet ahead of “the last 100 feet” in warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment applications.

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