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Why SLAM Should Include Dimensioning Equipment

When it comes to the final 100 feet of your operations, automation can be the name of the game to increase efficiencies. Using tools for scanning, labeling, applying and manifesting (SLAM) can help ensure your packages get to the right ...

Handling Every Type of Packaging

Traditionally, warehousing has used corrugated boxes for shipping products. They’re easy to acquire, easy to load, seal and apply labels to, and they work well with automated scanning, labeling, applying, and manifesting (SLAM) equipment.  Boxes remain a favored packaging choice ...

Podcast: SLAM Group talks Packaging

In this episode, SLAM Industry Group Members Greg Berguig, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at PAC Machinery and Gina Barrieau, Banding Sales Manager with an ecommerce focus at Felins discuss “How to determine what package type to ship”. Listen ...