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In the Cloud Mythbusters episode, guests Michael Lennard (Warehouse & Logistics Industry Consultant, Rockwell Automation) and Bill Denbigh (Vice President of Marketing, Tecsys) discuss the misconceptions and preconceptions of applying cloud solutions and SaaS (Software as a Service) subscriptions to the Warehousing and Logistics Industry.


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Solutions Community

Solutions Community members are Industry’s thought leaders on automation, software, hardware, equipment and services that support a fully integrated supply chain. This includes suppliers, integrators, consultants, media, academia and users. They collaborate on solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

The philosophy of the Solutions Community is to support MHI’s mission of providing a unique venue where suppliers of material handling equipment and technology can collaboratively work with the user community to improve the marketplace for all. All participants adhere to a safe harbor no-buy, no-sell environment to openly discuss topics of mutual interest, including best practices, lessons learned and other information.

Goals of the Solutions Community include:

  • Identifying, developing and disseminating forward-looking value propositions for Material Handling and Supply Chain practitioners;
  • Identifying market trends and challenges in Material Handling and Supply Chain operations in order to develop timely and relevant solutions;
  • Providing a forum for discussion of business and technology trends; and,
  • Establishing strong connections between Members of the Group with the community of Supply Chain and Material Handling product and service providers, as well as organizations and individuals interested in Solutions Community activities;

A basic tenet of the Solutions Community is to create a non-commercial environment that fosters networking, relationship building and the open exchange of information.


  • Members meet regularly to exchange ideas and develop Information Systems solutions for Supply Chains.
  • Solutions Community Programs include:
    • Engagement on an ongoing basis with:
      • The User community.
      • Adjacent communities such as: Consultants, Market Research Firms, Vertical Market Organizations, supply chain associations, academia, and regulatory agencies.
    • Developing educational and seminar materials for presentation to interested communities.
      • Providing public relations outreach on behalf of MHI relative to solutions.
      • Authoring solutions blueprints and white papers
    • Proactively responding to media to positively share information with the marketplace and position ISSG.
      • Establish thought leadership on how information system solutions support the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics..
    • Conducting surveys on technology trends and developments

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