New Guide Explores Different Conveyor And Sortation Handling Applications

From simple to complex, manual to highly automated, the possible applications for conveyor and sortation systems throughout warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) are virtually endless. To explore the possibilities, the Conveyors and Sortation Systems (CSS) Industry Group of MHI has released a new publication, Handling Applications with Conveyor and Sortation Systems as a follow-on to their previous handbook, Introduction to Conveyor and Sortation Systems.

The guide provides an overview of the different ways conveyors and sortation systems can potentially be utilized to transport and organize large volumes of materials rapidly throughout different processes in four key areas within a facility. These include:

  • Inbound Receiving: Unloading of received inventory and transporting those items to storage
  • Order Picking: Moving products from storage to picking areas, or within picking zones as orders are filled
  • Order Staging & Sortation: Accumulating and holding items for further processing or packaging, then organizing products to deliver them to their final destination
  • Outbound Shipping: Transporting completed orders to trailer-loading area for distribution

Readers are walked through each functional area and process, with non-technical descriptions and photos illustrating the possible uses of such systems. Processes include trailer unloading; transport to storage; zone-based order picking; replenishment of forward pick zones; goods-to-person picking; transport of picks to packing or consolidation areas; sorting of packed orders; transport to shipping; and trailer loading.

Additionally, the document offers a list of key considerations when specifying conveyors and sorters for an application. It explains the importance of assessing load type, load origin and destination, desired throughput rate, existing or other equipment, and associated costs before engaging with a conveyor or sortation system supplier—including members of the CSS Industry Group.

Want to learn more? Download Handling Applications with Conveyor and Sortation Systems for free.