Podcast: Robotics and Humans: A Synergistic Workforce

MHI Industry Leadership

The latest episode of the MHI Industry Leadership Podcast, hosted by Christian Dow and co-host Frank Schwartz, dives into a topic at the forefront of modern logistics and warehouse management: the integration of robotic automation in work environments traditionally dominated by human labor. This episode, featuring experts Matt Bush, VP of Technology, Innovation, and Research at KPI Solutions, Randy Randolph, VP of Channels & Partnerships at Geek+ America, and Dr. Matt Willis, Head of Product at Third Wave Automation, promises a comprehensive exploration of how robotic automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also positively the lives and work conditions of human associates.

We delve into the nuanced relationship between robots and human workers, uncovering how this collaboration leads to more productive order picking, accurate returns management, and safer, more ergonomic workplaces. Our guests will discuss the balance of safety, efficiency, and human interaction within automated systems, shedding light on the benefits and challenges of these dynamic human-robot partnerships.

This episode is poised to offer invaluable insights. We’ll also explore how robotic technology can contribute to employee satisfaction and retention, ultimately impacting overall business success.

Join us for an engaging conversation that goes beyond the mechanics of automation and delves into the heart of how technology and humanity can coexist and thrive in the modern work environment.


About TRG

The Robotics Group (TRG) are leading manufacturers, integrators, consultants, and component suppliers of robotic solutions designed specifically for warehousing and distribution applications.

Traditionally, industrial robots in material handling applications have been limited to palletizing/depalletizing, conveyor picking, or other highly-repetitive tasks. Technology advancements are creating opportunities for robots and automated machinery in a wider variety of applications, including warehousing and distribution center activities.

TRG conducts education and outreach with the goal of fostering technology adoption in this rapidly changing industry sector.

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