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Handling Every Type of Packaging

Traditionally, warehousing has used corrugated boxes for shipping products. They’re easy to acquire, easy to load, seal and apply labels to, and they work well with automated scanning, labeling, applying, and manifesting (SLAM) equipment.  Boxes remain a favored packaging choice ...

ASRS as a Solution to the Labor Shortage

As the labor pool dwindles, automation like ASRS becomes the smart solution. Roughly 11 million employees have exited the workforce over the past couple years, according to some estimates. In many cases, these employees said they were seeking safer, more ...
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3 Ways Digital Tools Improve Warehouse Labor Productivity

The labor shortage is impacting every level of business, from the warehouse floor operator on up to the C-suite. The result is that organizations are embracing all types of technology to help improve warehouse labor productivity. From advanced software to ...