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Digital Twin for Intralogistics

A new MHI white paper explains how you can use a digital twin with intralogistics. Today’s logistics are smart logistics—not just the transfer of products, but the transfer of information, as well. The common term for this modern system of ...
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Supply Chain Adoption Trends In Collaborative Robotics

Designed to work safely and collaboratively alongside their human counterparts, interest in collaborative robots (cobots) has been on the rise. While part of that uptick can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, which will likely accelerate the adoption of cobots ...
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Cybersecurity And Its Importance To Supply Chains

Cyberattacks — both passive and active — have been increasing in both frequency and financial impact, according to a white paper written by Bowling Green State University researchers MD Sarder and Matthew Haschak. The pair, who work in the Department ...