CSS To Host ProMatDX 2021 Education Session Focused On Virtual Simulation

Since nobody has yet created a reliable crystal ball for predicting the future, the members of the Conveyor & Sortation Systems (CSS) industry group of MHI will share insights into a viable option — virtual simulation software — during a ProMatDX 2021 education session. Open to all ProMatDX attendees free of charge, the session will run for 30 minutes.

The seminar, “Virtual Visualization, Simulation, And Analysis… A Critical Component Of Automating Your Warehouse,” will be held on Wednesday, April 14 from 1:30 – 2:00 p.m. Central time. During the presentation, organizations considering an expansion of a current warehousing or distribution facility — or greenfield construction of a new operation and material handling system — will learn more about the next best thing to a crystal ball: simulation software.

To ensure a successful implementation of material handling systems that are both flexible and expandable, simulation technology gives users a preview of how different design options will handle alternate varieties of product volume and mix. The session will detail how 3-dimensional software simulates, visualizes, and analyzes a range of possible equipment configurations, helping with the evaluation and selection of the final design. Participants will also learn how the technology helps to optimize both processes and production systems in the chosen system.

Those who are unable to attend the CSS session in person will be able to access the presentation and its accompanying audio via a recording made available online after ProMatDX concludes. Registration for the entire event — including all education seminars — is free.

What happens after the simulation? Learn how to keep a project on track with best practice recommendations from CSS to ensure a smooth implementation in this recent post, “Tips For A Smooth Conveyor And Sorter Design And Installation Process.”