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Digitization of Intralogistics

For years, the term “Internet of things,” was the buzzword of choice, making the rounds at trade shows and in supply chain partnerships. While the term has evolved into the “digitization of intralogistics,” in its simplest form, the concept remains ...

IIoT-Enabled Predictive Analytics For Conveyors, Sorters Generates Cost Savings

To ensure maximum uptime, machine reliability, and an overall reduction in costs, more members of the Conveyors and Sortation Systems (CSS) Industry Group of MHI have been enhancing their equipment with features that harness the power of the Industrial Internet ...
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Industry 4.0 And IIoT: Transforming Material Handling And Supply Chains

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are two terms that are increasingly part of the conversation in material handling and supply chain circles. But how does an operations manager separate the hype from the reality? MHI’s Solutions ...