Podcast: Robotics and Humans: A Synergistic Workforce

The latest episode of the MHI Industry Leadership Podcast, hosted by Christian Dow and co-host Frank Schwartz, dives into a topic at the forefront of modern logistics and warehouse management: the integration of robotic automation in work environments traditionally dominated ...
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Warehouse in a Warehouse

Today’s supply chain environment has blurred the lines between retail, wholesale, and distributor. Each is taking on tasks that traditionally; the others have done. Distributors are acting like retailers, retailers are acting like wholesalers, and so on. Thanks to the ...

Understanding the Differences Between AGVs and AMRs

The labor shortage isn’t new in the warehousing and manufacturing arena, but the pandemic has made it that much more challenging as facilities try to keep up with increased ecommerce order demands. This, in turn, has led to more interest ...
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3 Ways Digital Tools Improve Warehouse Labor Productivity

The labor shortage is impacting every level of business, from the warehouse floor operator on up to the C-suite. The result is that organizations are embracing all types of technology to help improve warehouse labor productivity. From advanced software to ...

Conveyors: Moving at the Speed of Light

Conveyors: Moving at the Speed of Light

Where to Begin with Robotics

Robots are everywhere, or so it seems. In the year 2020 alone, close to 400,000 industrial robots entered the workplace, making appearances in manufacturing, distribution centers, military applications, and more. They are proving their value and delivering a quick return ...
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Intralogistics: Warehouse Digitalization of Receiving

Warehouse digitalization is not something off in the future. In fact, it is rapidly becoming a necessity for any business wanting to compete in the here and now. E-commerce explosion, SKU proliferation and the demand from customers for products delivered ...

Understanding the MAG Group

As the labor shortage grows and the adoption of automation grows along with it, so does the need for information about these tools. With that in mind, the MHI has an industry group dedicated to educating and informing users about ...

Robotics – The Buyer’s Journey, Part II

Robotics systems can be one of the most daunting investments you’ll make, and the buying journey includes critical steps to reach a successful integration. You’ll want to find the right partner with the right solutions to create a well-prepared contract—one ...

From Preventative to Predictive Maintenance of Automation

All material handling equipment needs regular maintenance to stay in top condition and for many years, preventative maintenance has been the ideal model for warehousing staffs to follow. It involves establishing a regular schedule for inspecting equipment and replacing components, ...